Low Speed Vehicles – Texas Law

All-Terrain Vehicles, Golf Carts and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles

Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs), also known as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs), and golf carts are regulated by state and federal laws. Lawmakers are reviewing the registration of golf carts and current state law.

Registered, titled and insured LSVs and NEVs may be legally driven at a maximum speed of 25 mph on public roads with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less, unless a city or county ordinance prohibits their operation.

Utility-Type Vehicles (UTVs) are small vehicles generally used for maintenance, hunting or recreation. State law classifies these as All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), which prohibits them from being driven on any public roadway.

A vehicle is classified as an LSV or NEV if it has:

  • a normal maximum speed of 20-25 mph,
  • seat belts,
  • head and tail lights,
  • a windshield,
  • a parking brake,
  • turn signals,
  • rear-view mirrors
  • brake lights,
  • reflectors, and
  • a valid Vehicle Identification Number (VIN

Golf Cart Registration Form